Weight loss is a common goal for many who wish to improve their health, avoid developing chronic diseases, and enhance their personal lives. However, only a few succeed in this journey, with 10–20% managing to keep their weight loss results. A study involving weight loss maintainers revealed that perseverance and motivation through setbacks—like failing to follow their diet—helped them keep the pounds off.


However, not everyone can lose weight like this. Some people need an extra push—and that’s okay! If you feel you need to turn to others for a more successful weight loss journey, here are the best people to keep in mind:


An expert on food and nutrition


Healthy eating is integral to weight loss, but you might not know where to start. After all, there are many approaches to dieting, including portion control, following fixed regimens like the Mediterranean diet, and even reducing your consumption of processed foods. However, no diet is one-size-fits-all—you’ll want to follow one that fits your needs and preferences. Approaching a nutritionist can help.


This professional helps clients reach their weight loss goals while ensuring they meet their basic nutritional needs. They’ll devise a plan to meet your goals and hold you accountable for achieving them. For instance, they may suggest lowering your carbohydrate intake and avoiding frequent snacking to align with your goals. You can find a nutritionist in your local health care center for consultations.


A personal trainer


Apart from practicing proper eating habits, exercising lets you burn excess calories and achieve weight loss. Like finding the most effective diet, exercising to lose weight can be intimidating and confusing. Besides, many exercises and specific physical activities can help you lose weight better than others.


If you want more guidance, you’ll need a personal trainer. A professional trainer will develop a game plan to help you achieve your weight loss goals and can tweak that plan as you progress. They’ll also teach you how to use gym equipment and do exercises correctly to ensure efficiency and safety for weight loss. When looking for a personal trainer, ensure they have background and experience, like the coaches here at Demetz Online Personal Training.


Someone you can relate to


Losing weight on your own is a challenge. The journey can get lonely and demotivating, which is why having a support system can help. Though you can turn to your family, friends, or partner, you may better appreciate getting support from someone who knows exactly what you’re going through.


The best way to find someone who shares the same goals as you is by joining a weight loss group. A simple online search for “weight loss groups near me” will connect you with like-minded individuals going through similar weight loss experiences and struggles. These groups are designed to help you make real connections in a judgment-free zone. With members who have your back, you’ll get the best support possible for your weight loss journey—and receive the most relevant and practical tips for your needs.


A medical weight loss professional


If dieting, exercising, and getting support aren’t enough to make you see results, you may want to consider medical weight loss. This may involve taking medication to address biological challenges, like genetics and hormonal conditions, that prevent weight loss. In some cases, surgery may even be the most viable option for you. That makes it vital to consult a medical weight loss professional.


You can usually turn to general practitioners to see if you’re eligible to get a prescription for weight loss medication. Meanwhile, you can consult doctors in bariatric surgery to see if you’ll require a dramatic decrease in appetite by adjusting your stomach size. They’ll also determine if you can safely undergo this procedure. You can approach medical weight loss professionals in health clinics and hospitals, where they’ll assess your weight and current habits to determine the best solutions for you.


Achieving weight loss is not an easy journey. Approaching the right people can increase your chances of success.