Online Fitness Coaching Program

I use fitness coaching to help men and women age reach their peak fitness levels in 3-12 months.

Fitness coaching is ideal for any person who wants to optimize their fitness levels. I work with the average person and athletes, meaning I can create a plan for you.

That program will help you improve your strength, cardio, conditioning, and mobility in one cohesive approach.

As you evolve, the plan evolves, and I work side-by-side with you, virtually, to help make sure your progress is always forward.

Your Online Fitness Coach

Regardless of the exact approach, as your online fitness coach, I can create a fitness training program that helps you become the fittest version of yourself.

On top of that, I am always available for support via messages through the training app.

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What you get
  • A customized regularly varied training plan
  • Workouts that easily fit your schedule, ability, and interests
  • Unlimited messaging with your trainer
  • Exact calories and macronutrient numbers to reach your goals
  • Video examples of all training exercises
  • Feedback of your exercise form

What you can expect from the Online Fitness Coaching Program

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After you pay for the online training program, you will receive a confirmation from PayPal.

Once I receive confirmation of payment, I will send a setup link for the app and the intake documents.

To view more information about the app and forms you will need to fill out, click below.


Once you are set-up for the app and documents are complete, I will review and ask additional questions as needed.

Based on the information provided in your intake forms and through our communications with you, we create an online fitness program customized to you, that:

Is custom built to fit with your schedule

Focuses on exercises appropriate for your goals and interests

Follows  principles of exercise programming 


 regularly varied to push your fitness and keep training interesting



      Functional Training Plan

      I input the functional training plan into your app account. You view the various workouts in the app, under your fitness coaching plan page or via the interactive calendar. Every exercise includes a video instructional, and each workout includes a text explanation for how to track, how long to rest, how to safely perform workouts, etc. As you complete workouts and other tasks such as body stat tracking and video submissions, you track these in the app.

      Each day I review your completed workouts from the day before to provide feedback or modify the online training program as needed. The process continues like this for the duration of your time working with me.

      Fitness Coaching
      Demetz Personal Training Man Riding Stationary Bike Workout in Gym

      Online Training Programs

      You will receive regular communication from me during the week and can send a message at any time.

      All online training programs are ongoing and broken into training cycles of 12 weeks (three months) in length.

      You can pay for three months, six months, or 12 months. All payment options are recurring until canceled.

      You can cancel at any time.

      What you get with the training app

      Demetz Personal Training Strength Training Phone App Screenshots

      Training App

      The training app I use is a super useful tool that will save you time and effort.

      With it, you can track your workout schedule on your customized calendar, view the exercise library, assess progress through helpful charts, and connect with me quickly and easily.

      Training App Highlights

      • Works on iOS and Android devices as well as all desktop, laptop, and tablet computers
      • Personalized dashboard to see programs, track results, etc. using the mobile or desktop versions of our app
      • Personalized workout calendar-all your workouts and other reminders on an easy to use digital calendar
      • Workout tracking-see your workout progress, stats for specific exercises, and more
      • Body stat tracking-track and view changes in your weight, fat, body composition, and other numbers
      • Nutrition tracking-connect your MyFitnessPal account and view your food tracking alongside your workout tracking
      • 24/7 access to us via the app message system-send us a message at any time
      • Access to video library-hundreds of videos illustrating proper exercise form

      Fitness Training Plans

      $300 Monthly

      Payments are recurring until canceled. You can cancel at any time. To review our intake documents which include terms of service, click on the below button.

      Once you submit payment, you will receive a verification from PayPal noting that you paid for the program. Within 24 hours, excluding weekends, I will follow-up with you to begin the program.

      What our clients are saying:

      “I worked with Nathan for 6 months using two of his online training templates. Both were very effective, and after having four children and being out of shape for 10 years, I finally feel like I am at a fitness level that is comparable to when I was in great shape back in the Army. I was impressed by his professionalism, and I really enjoyed using the Trainerize App.  I really couldn’t be happier with the services that I received.”
      – Tori S

      What our clients are saying:

      “Nathan is fantastic. I’ve been working with him for almost a month, and I’m super happy. I have a background in sports but after surgery and health problems, I’ve found myself struggling to get back to where I was. Nathan is helping me with that, and I finally feel like there’s hope. It’s the best feeling you can have. Thank you, Nathan!!”
      – Kate G

      What our clients are saying:

      “Nate is a very knowledgeable and trustworthy health and fitness coach. If you’re looking for someone to guide and challenge you to reach your personal goals – I’d highly recommend him!”
      – David C

      What our clients are saying:

      “Nathan & Grace both have helped me in my struggle to lose weight. It is a struggle for me because I am not as motivated as I should be. Nathan has helped with keeping me motivated and providing me a training program & nutrition program that will help me to meet my desired goal. Grace has also helped me with training, at times, and with nutrition. I really like training with Nathan. He is a very positive person, and really is concerned about helping me (& others) with weight loss, nutrition, and keeping a overall positive attitude. I enjoy talking with Grace and her help with my training & nutrition also.”
      – Della D

      Who Should Use Online Personal Fitness Training?

      I believe that literally anyone can benefit from the help of an online personal trainer, but I might be biased. The truth is, with better guidance, customized planning, and health and fitness support, any individual is going to be in a better position to achieve their health and fitness goals.

      But there are some people who benefit from online personal training more than others. If any of the following describes you, you may be a perfect candidate.

      You’re new to the world of fitness.

      Many of my clients are new to the world of fitness. They may have some past experience with exercise, or they may already be working out on their own, but they don’t have a concrete understanding of the mechanics of human nutrition, nor do they understand which exercises are going to maximize their results. If you’re not feeling confident about your personal fitness knowledge, an online personal trainer and fitness coach could be exactly what you need.

      You need professional personal training insight.

      It’s very easy to find information about health and fitness online these days, but not all that information is accurate – and some of it is inherently confusing. Different publications may have opposite recommendations for how to lift weight most effectively or how to prepare for a marathon, so how do you know what’s right for you? A professional online personal trainer will be in a position to help you better understand your unique position and the fitness decisions that are going to help you achieve your goals.

      Who Should Use Online Personal Training?
      Online Fitness Coaching by Demetz

      You need extra motivation.

      I get it. It’s hard to be motivated, especially when you’re challenging yourself almost every day. After a couple of weeks of tough workouts and healthy eating, even the most motivated people suffer from fatigue. If you’re in need of that extra motivation, an online fitness coach can give it to you. Better yet, that motivation is going to be personalized for your training style and your individual needs; it’s not going to be generic “inspirational” messages that anyone can find online.

      Your old workouts don’t feel right anymore.

      Maybe you’ve followed a workout regimen in the past, or maybe you’re already actively involved in your own physical fitness. But if you no longer feel engagement or a true connection to your existing workout routine, you may find it hard to get moving. If your old workouts don’t feel right anymore, or if you’re just in the mood for a different regimen, I can help you design one.

      You’ve hit a plateau.

      Online fitness coaches are ideal for people who have hit a workout plateau. Early in your fitness journey, it’s easy to make gains; with even a bit of repetition and practice, you can increase the amount of weight you can lift, increase your speed, and improve your endurance. But after a while, those gains will get smaller, and you’ll find it harder to keep making progress toward your long-term goals. An online personal trainer like me can help you break past that plateau.

      You have a big event to prepare for.

      Is there a major marathon coming up? Are you thinking of entering a bodybuilding competition? Do you just want look good for your wedding? If you have a big event to prepare for in the next several months, I’ll make sure you’re in peak physical condition for it.

      You’re serious about achieving your fitness goals.

      If you’re serious about achieving your personal fitness goals, you should consider working with someone who’s equally serious. Making a financial investment into a personal fitness coach can increase your chances of making the fitness progress you’ve always wanted.

      You’re too busy.

      Let’s face it. It’s not always easy to make time to get to the gym. If you’re following a regular workout schedule while juggling countless other personal priorities, attending regular classes or meeting up with an in-person fitness coach may seem impossible. If it feels like you’re too busy to achieve your personal fitness goals, try online personal training; it’s much more flexible and convenient, and many workouts can be done at home with little to no equipment.

      You want more human support.

      You can train by yourself in isolation, but you’ll probably get better results and feel better during your journey if you have more human support. Having someone to motivate you when you feel down and congratulate you when you achieve your goals is valuable and rewarding.

      Your Fitness Goals
      The Benefits of an Online Personal Trainer

      The Benefits of an Online Personal Trainer

      Fitness coaching with the help of an online personal trainer provides many benefits, such as:

      Personalized fitness goal setting.

      Instead of following a generic goal, like eating healthier or looking better, we’ll work together to create personalized fitness goals that are both challenging and achievable. Your goals will motivate you and serve as a measuring stick for your success.

      Custom nutrition and workout plans.

      What should you be eating on a daily basis? What exercises should you be doing and how should you be doing them? These are difficult questions to answer, and generic online templates probably aren’t going to give you the results you want. Custom nutrition and workout plan from personal trainer are superior.

      Safety monitoring.

      Bad form and bad workout habits aren’t just going to delay your goal progress; they could seriously injure you. That’s why online fitness coaches are so serious about personal safety monitoring while training. I’m here to make sure you don’t hurt yourself.

      Confidence and reassurance.

      Are you doing this personal fitness thing correctly? You won’t have to worry if you’re working with a certified personal training professional. You’ll have confidence and reassurance that you’re making steady progress to your goals.

      Mental motivation.

      Do you want to work out today? Some days, the answer will be yes. Some days, the answer will be no. I’m here to help you get from point A to point B, so you feel motivated every time you hit the gym.


      Perhaps best of all, online personal training happens on your schedule and according to your needs! It’s remarkably convenient, no matter how busy you are.