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I’ve been working with Nathan for about 6 months now and I really like his service. I’ve had in-person personal trainers before, but I like this better. You are able to get more frequent and timely feedback and if you have equipment at home, it is very convenient. We can review exercises and progress together. He is able to design effective programs for workouts and diet that make sense for me based on my age and ability. We’ve had to work around injuries and if something isn’t working, he is great at coming up with effective alternatives. If I happen to get access to some new equipment, then he modifies my program to take the most advantage of it. If you can self regulate at home and stick to the program, this is really an ideal set up. I’m making more progress this way than I ever did going to the gym. Highly recommended..

Marc S


I’ve been working with Grace for about 3 months now and she is great! Always super responsive, asks good questions and seems to be able to know when to push and when to make adjustments. Most interactive personal training program I’ve used.

Leteasha G


Outstanding service. He regularly checks in with me and my program/progress and always has my best interest at heart. I’d highly recommend him as a personal trainer.

Thomas N


Nathan’s services are thorough and catered to each individual. His consistent feedback is great. The app/website used to communicate and keep track of fitness progression is user friendly and easy to use. I highly recommend Nathan as a trainer for any fitness goal!

Aaron M


I’ve been working with Nathan for ~7 weeks, and it has been overwhelmingly positive. Nathan responds to messages within a few hours. I can honestly say that the workouts are the hardest I’ve ever done. I came from doing all 3 P90X programs, and really liked the cardio/plyo exercises. Nathan let me continue to use those, in combination with regular training. The app is also really easy to use, great for tracking everything. Additionally, the meal plan was constantly varied, so I never got bored with foods. I often had to make adjustments to make the macro’s work with foods I had available, but nothing too bad. Highly recommend Demetz for the whole package – nutrition and training.

Before I signed up with Nathan, I had some doubts about how effective the program could be if he is not physically present. It turns out that after a year I could not imagine a program that could be more effective for me than Nathan’s. With a very busy and dynamic lifestyle it would be impossible for me to follow a rigid program at a certain location at pre-planned times. Not only the flexibility is a big plus, but Nathan has been extremely professional, extremely knowledgeable and quick to answer any questions, and highly understanding and encouraging when difficult situations come up. The result? I have never been so consistent about going to the gym, I am getting stronger every day, and I can see it and feel it. This is absolutely one of the best things I have done for myself. I would recommend his customized programs to anybody no matter what level or age.

Jason L


This online training program has been more than satisfactory for me. I used to think of myself as a runner, but with Nathan’s help, I am lifting heavier and heavier weights and and starting to redefine how I view my athletic identity. I highly recommend using his services as he is also kind and supportive!

Talia Z

customized workout template

I’ve been working for Nathan about 3 months and can say his service is top notch. He is incredibly responsive to any questions I have throughout the week and is always willing to make adjustments to the program to suit my needs. I’ve worked with several trainers in an online capacity and can say hands down Nathan has provided the best experience.

Brandon B

customized workout template

I love the personal training experience you get. I live in Pennsylvania and do not belong to a gym but have workout equipment at home. Grace has created a personal workout routine for me and I am seeing good results! I am so glad I was recommended their program!!!

Sarah B


Nathan has been great. As an online coach, I think he strikes a great balance of putting the onus of responsibility on you as the client while also individualizing a diet and training that best suits your lifestyle and goals. He is extremely responsive to questions and with feedback. I started out as a complete beginner to weightlifting and he has made me feel comfortable and safe along the way by providing regular feedback of my form. I can’t believe how much progress I’ve been able to make in terms of my strength and physique. I wish I had found him and this service years ago!!

Genevieve M

Strength Program

Nathan DeMetz is an extremely professional and helpful online personal trainer. I appreciate his direct attitude and clear client focused approach. He is not afraid to help push his clients to better themselves. He is extremely knowledgeable on fitness and dietary recommendations. I would recommend his weight training program as it is all inclusive for fitness needs. He is very responsive to messages and video form reviews.

William S

Strength Program

I’ve been training with Grace for almost two months now, and I can say that it’s the most effective two months of my athletic life, ever. I grew up playing competitive sports and once they ended, I didn’t know how to consistently train in ways that weren’t tearing down my body. Since starting with Grace, I’ve learned how to develop a healthy, balanced routine. I’m much, much leaner than I was six weeks ago, and have developed an overall healthier lifestyle. Grace is always quick to respond to any questions and is willing to help with modifications of workouts when needed. I enjoy her direct candor and motivational messages.

Overall, I definitely recommend DeMetz personal training! Worth every penny.

Kelly S


After struggling for 5 years with trying to lose the last 10 lbs of my pregnancy weight, I finally decided to hire a trainer to help me push through. Due to my crazy and chaotic life as a single working mom, I decided to go with an online trainer as I thought it would be easier to fit into my life. Grace was fantastic about developing a plan that would not only fit into my life but also made it easier for me to adhere to. She was great at checking in, providing tweaks to parts of my plan that weren’t working as well for me, and holding me accountable. Not only was I able to achieve my goal of losing those 10 lbs, but I’m 5 lbs away from my stretch goal of losing an additional 10 lbs. I feel as healthy and as toned as I was just prior to my pregnancy at which time I was in the best shape of my life!

Keri C


Nathan Demetz provides an excellent service. He genuinely cares about his client’s goals and works very closely with them to help achieve them. Additionally, the format of the personal training is wonderful, especially for those with busy schedules that do not have the time to meet with a personal trainer on a regular basis. Personalized exercise routines are given to the client along with videos of how to properly do the exercises. Further, each day of exercise has an area where the client can document their feelings towards the exercises and Nathan always reads these and adjusts the exercises based on the client’s feedback. I have had nothing but a very positive experience while working with Nathan’s program and it has exceeded my expectations.

Jacob M


Before I signed up with Nathan, I had some doubts about how effective the program could be if he is not physically present. It turns out that after a year I could not imagine a program that could be more effective for me than Nathan’s. With a very busy and dynamic lifestyle it would be impossible for me to follow a rigid program at a certain location at pre-planned times. Not only the flexibility is a big plus, but Nathan has been extremely professional, extremely knowledgeable and quick to answer any questions, and highly understanding and encouraging when difficult situations come up. The result? I have never been so consistent about going to the gym, I am getting stronger every day, and I can see it and feel it. This is absolutely one of the best things I have done for myself. I would recommend his customized programs to anybody no matter what level or age.

John G

customized workout template

Let me tell you a little about myself first. I have been working out for years. I have done everything from traditional weight training to Crossfit. I would consider myself very experienced when it comes to weight training and overall at the gym. I was looking for a personal trainer to bring me to the next level. I had gone to gyms and realized that due to my insane schedule, I wouldn’t be able to make that work. I looked online for several days and I came across Nathan DeMetz Personal Training. I looked through their website until I found what type of program I was interested in. I hadn’t heard of them, and neither had my friends but I figured I would give it a shot anyway. 3 months later I can say I am beyond happy with the results. I have lost 6% body fat with the meal and workout routine provided, and my lifts have gone up by 50 lbs in some categories. I am sitting at approximately 7.5% and 210 lbs. He knows what he’s doing, and how to build you a workout program for the goals that you give him. The app is extremely easy to use and navigate. From tutorials to descriptions, even someone with little to no experience can figure out the correct way to do the lift. He is very responsive to the messenger, typically getting a response within a few hours. I 10/10 recommend to anyone looking for a personal training experience, without having certain gyms or hours tie you down. He will not disappoint you in results.

Josh F

strength program

I am so happy to be working with Nathan! I’m a new mom and and busy television director. Family life is very busy and my schedule changes constantly. I was finding it really difficult to find a way to workout consistently. Nathan made me realize that there were ways to fit workouts into my life, eased me into a routine and helped me make adjustments as my schedule changed. It’s been a really amazing process and I am so grateful for his ongoing support and guidance. My main goals revolved around building strength. It’s been almost 6 months and I’m happy to say that I’ve been making steady progress. The workouts are great and I’m never bored. Nathan is great at checking in and making sure that I’m enjoying the workouts while also keeping myself challenged. There is a great feedback loop and he always makes himself available to offer any advice or suggestions. Definitely recommend Nathan for anyone who thinks they are too busy to fit fitness into their life. You’ll be surprised at how much is possible with the right guidance and approach.

Marie H

strength program

I worked with Nathan for 6 months using two of his online training templates. Both were very effective, and after having four children and being out of shape for 10 years, I finally feel like I am at a fitness level that is comparable to when I was in great shape back in the Army. I was impressed by his professionalism, and I really enjoyed using the Trainerize App.  I really couldn’t be happier with the services that I received.

Tori S


Nate is a very knowledgeable and trustworthy health and fitness coach. If you’re looking for someone to guide and challenge you to reach your personal goals – I’d highly recommend him!

David C

Run/Cross-Training Program

Working with Nathan has allowed me to create structure and accountability around my workout regimen. As a busy father of three active kids the virtual training platform Nathan uses allows me the flexibility to schedule training around my ever-changing list of commitments. Even though I am based out of California, the level of feedback provided and the responsiveness to my questions makes me feel like Nathan is just around the corner. This is a great service and a great value.

Nate O

run/cross-training program

I started training with Nathan in March of this year and I love it! This has been the first time I’ve consistently kept with going to the gym. The weekly check-ins and personalized plans really make it feel like he’s around the corner instead of across the country. If your schedule is hectic but you still want someone to guide you in your fitness goals, Nathan is definitely the route to go!

Lisa B

strength training program

Nathan & Grace both have helped me in my struggle to lose weight. It is a struggle for me because I am not as motivated as I should be. Nathan has helped with keeping me motivated and providing me a training program & nutrition program that will help me to meet my desired goal. Grace has also helped me with training , at times, and with nutrition. I really like training with Nathan. He is a very positive person, and really is concerned about helping me (& others) with weight loss, nutrition, and keeping a overall positive attitude. I enjoy talking with Grace and her help with my training & nutrition also. I know I would be fatter than I am now if it wasn’t for Nathan, Grace, & training. Thank you Nathan & Grace.


My main goal was stronger arms, and as a secondary goal, I wanted a leaner body. So far I can see a lot of difference on how I feel when I go to the gym (I am no longer lazy and bored cause I know exactly what to do) and I have seen the difference in terms of the strength of my upper body. I haven’t been amazed yet with the results, but I appreciate that if you want real “strength” and not the one given by weird gym supplements, some time is required.

Also extra stars for the app! The app is awesome. It helps you track everything and provides videos that further assist with the exercises in case you don’t know how to perform the exercise.

Della D

In-Person Personal Training & Nutrition Program

Nathan is a terrific personal trainer. The online option makes it possible for me to get excellent training in the comfort and convenience of my own home. Nathan pays close attention to my goals and constraints, and continues to closely monitor my progress and feedback, continuously developing a plan that matches my needs. He provides the right amount of support and motivation to keep me training. I also like the app he uses, which makes it easy to review your progress on each individual exercise and also provides handy videos of each move so you can be sure you are using correct form. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer.

Jane R

Run/Cross-Training Program

I like the follow-up, the feedback, and the involvement. Even though everything is done online, you still get the attention and effort of having an in-person trainer. The workouts are tailored very well to your personal goals and current level to help you see the most results immediately as well as long-term.

Mark R

RUN/CROSS-training program

I have been working with Nathan for the last month+. I do feel that the plan was personalized and I do feel that indeed Nathan tries hard to address all of my concerns and personal needs!

My main goal was stronger arms, and as a secondary goal, I wanted a leaner body. So far I can see a lot of difference on how I feel when I go to the gym (I am no longer lazy and bored cause I know exactly what to do) and I have seen the difference in terms of the strength of my upper body. I haven’t been amazed yet with the results, but I appreciate that if you want real “strength” and not the one given by weird gym supplements, some time is required.

Also extra stars for the app! The app is awesome. It helps you track everything and provides videos that further assist with the exercises in case you don’t know how to perform the exercise.

Kyriakos V

strength program

I started working out with Nate at Nathan DeMetz Personal training back in Sep of last year. I have had amazing results so far. I have suffered with spinal stenosis and scoliosis, plus I was overweight and not able to spend much time on my feet without being in pain. With Nates DeMetz Personal training and my hard work has allowed me to lose 50 pounds (and counting) and reduce pain associated with activity, while at the same time enabling me to walk 2.5 miles, bike 7+ miles, and lift 50 pounds overhead. I have also been able to keep up this lifestyle change and continue to see results moving forward. Looking forward to next steps in becoming more in shape. I could not have done this without his help.

Chris C

In-Person Training & Nutrition Program

My husband started working with Nathan last fall (see Chris’ review). As I saw his results and the changes he was making I realized that I too needed to get healthier and stronger. I have worked a very sedentary job for the last 20 years and as a result my posture and core strength have suffered. Six weeks into my program I was sitting at my desk when my right arm started to hurt and I had tingling down into my hand. I was diagnosed with a bulging C6 disk in my neck and now see a chiropractor on a regular basis to correct the problem. We still don’t know what caused the bulge but prior symptoms were definitely ignored on my part.

About 10 days after initial diagnosis I was released to go back to working out with Nathan. I was anxious to get back and get active again. I didn’t know what I could safely do without his guidance and did not want to do anything else to aggravate the problem. Consequently, I was doing nothing and regressing. While what I can do is incredibly limited right now, Nathan has designed a program specifically to my injury to keep me moving and progressing (albeit at a much slower pace) in a way that is safe and helping me recover faster than I would without his help.

 Nathan’s experience helping people recover from all types of injuries makes him a very effective trainer. It’s quite stressful coming back from an injury. Having someone who is knowledgeable and keenly aware of his client’s safety is essential to the recovery process.​

Kendra C

In-Person Training & Nutrition Program

I have been working with Nathan for close to a year now, at first my goal was very specific. However Nathan showed me through nutrition and proper workouts my goals could be so much more. He has always been supportive and personalised my workouts for my goals. I have never felt that I am just a number. I love the progress shots as it shows just how much improvement I am making. As the workouts change regularly it is easy to keep motivated, especially with Nathan
checking in regularly to make sure I’m still on track. Thanks Nathan for all your hard work and motivation!

Heather F


It’s been almost 2 months since I started with Nathan. I’ve been on the health and wellness program, which is both nutrition and fitness with a focus on getting over hurdles like emotional eating. Nathan has been awesome! He’s so patient with me, motivates me, answers my millions of questions, and takes the time to explain why he’s handling the program the way he is. He has taken all of the guess work out of this journey and is setting me up to know how to do this for myself in the future. He’s never made me feel out of place, when often that’s exactly how I feel when I start a new workout program. I love the app that they utilize because it’s all at my fingertips.. what I’m supposed to eat, what my workouts look like, watching my progress, getting a hold of Nathan. I can’t say enough good things about him, his knowledge, the program he’s created for me. 

I’ve always felt like I “knew” how to eat healthy, but Nathan breaks it down for me. He answers all of my questions, has taken into account things I don’t want to eat and the things I do want to eat, and has taught me how to substitute and flexibility in eating right. It was amazing to me how much better I felt just by eating right.. it sounds so obvious. Eat better, feel better. But it was still amazing to me and not having to think.. do I eat this or should I eat that? It’s actually become more convenient to eat healthy! 

His fitness program has gotten me back into the gym and reminded me of all the things I used to love about it. When I came to Nathan, I was running on high stress and even mentioned I wasn’t sure how much time I had to dedicate to fitness but that I would try my best. He was very patient with that and the gym has become my place to get away from all the stress.. he’s very motivating and I usually wake up to various messages from him throughout the week motivating me on my workouts. He asked in my intake paperwork about my past fitness history (very little) and what I do and don’t feel comfortable with. He’s done great at pushing me without making me uncomfortable and I am so grateful for him.

Victoria L


I have worked out for years in fitness clubs, with fitness DVDs, on my own…I finally decided to try working with Nathan. He is very diligent with communication and works to find a plan that works for you, modifying due to time constraints, interest, injury, illness…in 12 weeks my body fat dropped 8%, and my lean muscle mass increased 9lbs. I am very happy with my progress with Nathan’s program.

Debbie S


Great communication, support, and flexibility. Tracking toward my goals. I’m in best shape I been on the last 20 years.

Julio A


Perfect service to stay accountable to your goals. Always ready to help and educate. Very happy I found you.

Myriam A


Working with Nathan has been a very positive experience. His coaching and input helped me achieved my goal of running a half marathon. He is responsive to my questions and offers helpful input. The training plan he put together for me worked well for my schedule and ability level.

Philip B


Nathan is fantastic. I’ve been working with him for almost a month, and I’m super happy. I have a background in sports but after surgery and health problems, I’ve found myself struggling to get back to where I was. Nathan is helping me with that, and I finally feel like there’s hope. It’s the best feeling you can have. Thank you, Nathan!!

Kate G

customized workout template & nutrition program

Nate is very professional and always very motivated to make sure he answers any questions i may have. He is always following up with me to make sure that I have everything I need to implement the plan that he designed for me. He is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He cares that I reach my goals and I truly appreciate that. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a solid nutritionist.

Jess B

Nutrition Program

Nathan is super responsive, even outside of the standard cadence, as well as helpful and flexible when it comes to tailoring the plan. It’s excellent value for the money, and helps me make the most of my time in the gym!

Jocelyn B

customized workout template

Mr. DeMetz was very professional and knowledgeable about nutrition when creating my Vegan Meal Plan. Each meal was planned perfectly and incorporated foods that I enjoy and other foods that I have not considered adding to my diet. I had difficulty keeping up, as I am taking Finals in college (poor timing on my part). DeMetz was still very understanding and encouraging throughout the process, ultimately helping me lose 3 lbs in two weeks while toning up.

Precious G

Nutrition Program

am a medical professional who also serves in the military reserve.  My initial over goal in choosing to work with a personal trainer was to increase upper body strength.  I decided to go the route of an online personal trainer due to time constraints and hoping to do majority of the workouts either at home in my apartment or at the apartment fitness center where I live.  Nathan was very thorough in utilizing his intake form by asking about what my fitness goal was in addition to asking about what kind of equipment or gym access I had in order to devise a workout plan that would work best for me.  The initial week involved performing exercises that he assigned so that he could get a first look baseline at what I was capable of doing which enabled him to come up with a good following week workout plan for me.

Within the first couple of weeks or so in working with Nathan, I was disrupted by being activated to respond to the Hurricane Harvey natural disaster.  I let him know about my situation as I was only given a one day notification before I had to report and leave to go on a humanitarian mission.  Nathan was very understanding of my situation and encouraged me to keep him updated if I could about when I might expect to return home so that we could continue on our journey together in helping me reach my physical fitness goals.  I would have continued the workout while I was away, but I did not have access to any gyms or equipment that I needed in order to continue with the workouts that he had been assigning me.  He ensured me that the weeks I missed due to my situation would not be deducted from the amount of time that I had paid for initially to train with him.  After three weeks being away, I returned home and let Nathan know as soon as I knew when I expected to be back and was able to continue on with training with him.

Throughout our time together, I continued to have interruptions in my schedule that made it challenging to work around such as an out of town medical conferences and long drill weekends that caused me not to have the typical access I expected to have to the few pieces of equipment that I made the decision to purchase to be able to perform my workouts in my apartment or my apartment fitness center.  However, Nathan did a great job working with me in adjusting which days I would complete the workout in order to get it in.  I fell ill with an upper respiratory virus a few weeks ago that caused me some energy loss and strength.  I did the best I could during those workouts and made notes about how I was feeling and annotated the reasons why I thought I was only able to perform a certain amount of reps or run a certain speed/distance based on the energy level I felt that day.  Nathan was encouraging and understanding and, if anything, supported my overall well-being with his feedback during that time and altered my workouts for those weeks in order to ensure that I was taking some time to rest and recover as well.  I’ve felt my energy and strength have returned since then.

I only have a couple weeks left with him in my training cycle and will soon be deploying where I will have limited access to the internet which is the main reason why I am ending my strength training subscription that I enrolled in with him.  I am however purchasing a bronze workout template from him in order to continue working out with some great guidance while I am away to reference and use as I continue down my path of striving towards increase my upper body strength.  Prior to joining his program, I was not able to perform dips very well in addition to a slew of other upper body exercises.  I have also improved my run time in a matter of weeks.  His program is effective if you put in honest effort, and do your best to stick to it to the best of your abilities.

April F

Strength Program

I decided that I needed to get in better shape physically and to clean up my nutrition after I lost my second sibling in 4 years. I have been in a position at work that was much less physical than any previous ones. I am not young, and I did not get to this place physically over night. I was not going to reverse it over night either. Upon my initial one on one meeting with Nate, I found him very professional. He seemed to understand what I wanted to accomplish and the roadblocks I had put up. The physical assessment was very discouraging for me! I was in worse shape than I thought. Nathan was encouraging that we could make it to my goal of better health, so that I could continue chasing after my 2 small grandkids and take long motorcycle trips with my husband. From that point, Nate wrote a starting plan based on what could do and work on things that could barely do. Like I said, I wanted results, but knew it would take time and hard work. Nate teaches me a move and take the time to explain how it works and teaches me the proper form. We have conversations each time about nutrion, macro nutrients and when to eat what. He rightfully, gets after me when my macros aren’t on target. He pushes safety first!!! I appreciate his integrity and professionalism. He always makes sure that I understand the day’s conversation and if I have any thoughts or questions! He will also follow up with an email it highlight or give more detail regarding the work out or nutrition! Nate is skilled and knowledgeable. I enjoy his facial expressions when he is explaining something. I been using Nate’s services for 3 months. I have come a long way, but so far from the goal. Grateful to be on the right track and seeing positive results. I have lost about 10# and close to 20″ overall! Happy that Nate’s name came up during my search. I believe Nate has something for everyone, whether you want to improve your time or techniques or one day you wake up and realize that you are an over weight older person in sad shape!! Check it out!

Donna W

In-Person Training & Nutrition Program

Nathan Demetz’s attention to detail and overall knowledge have enabled me to reach my health and fitness goals. I was very pleased to find a trainer that was able to work around my busy schedule and create a plan that fit my budget as well. His facility is clean and accommodating, with all the weights and equipment that you will need for a great workout. I would recommend Nathan Demetz to anyone who is not only looking to improve their overall fitness but also to those who are looking to gain a deep understanding of proper weight lifting form and function.
Jared M

In-Person Training & Nutrition Program

Nate did a great job of assessing where I was at physically and moving forward from there. He has a very genuinely positive attitude and always shows concern for my safety. It’s only been 3 weeks but I’m confident that I will meet my fitness goals with Nate’s professional guidance.
Ross M

In-Person Training & Nutrition Program

Nate takes the time to explain the proper, safe method of lifts and why we are doing them.

Steve F

In-Person Training & Nutrition Program

Working with Nathan has given me much more than an improved appearance. Nathan works with the whole person – from fundamental concepts about nutrition and rest to innovative ideas about muscular development, his focus is always on increasing strength, endurance, and overall health. Whoever you are when you walk in the door, Nate has a genuine enthusiasm for helping you better yourself all around.

Kevin F

In-Person Training & Nutrition Program