10 Small Exercises to Do Throughout Your Day

Finding time to work out during the workday can be a challenge. If you’re like most adults, you have to find time to exercise between work, chores, errands, child care, and other duties.

You might still make it to the gym on some days, but you may be rushed and unable to work out as much as you’d like. It’s not possible to add more hours to the day, but it is possible to get your heart pumping even while you’re going about the rest of your day.

These exercises can be incorporated whether you work from home or in an office. Consider adding some of these tips to your day; they can work for both beginners and seasoned pros.

A Few More Things To Remember

Before we get into the specifics, don’t forget that a substantial part of being healthier throughout your day involves your diet. There are many easy snacks you can adopt when you’re hungry and tempted to indulge in a less-than-healthy meal.

Check out these simple snacks that are good for you and keep you looking great, as well.

10 Exercise Tips To Do Every Day

Now let’s get to the exercises you may add to your daily routine. These ten aren’t the only ones to try, and you can modify them based on your needs. But overall they are a good foundation to get you on the right track.

  1. Begin your day with stretching: Right after you wake up, get your body going and your blood flowing by doing some gentle stretches or a bit of yoga.
  2. Use hand weights at your desk: Whether you work from home or at an office–and even if you don’t work at all–you can spend some of the time you would just be sitting by adding a bit of weight lifting. Hand weights are great for bicep curls or shoulder exercises, even while seated at a desk.
  3. Upgrade your cleaning routine: Even if you don’t deep clean your home every day, you probably have a few dishes to load or spills to wipe up. You can get your heart pumping by moving more quickly during such tasks.
  4. Make the most of watching television: Watching TV seems like a classic activity that isn’t any good for you, but everyone needs to unwind. You can use this time to walk or jog on an elliptical, or even do some squats and push-ups. Think about challenging yourself to do some physical activity during the commercials.
  5. Utilize your lunch break: Though you might not always have time to go to the gym during lunch, you can make an effort to walk around or climb up and down a stairway a few times.
  6. Try 10-minute workouts: You might prefer to exercise longer, but even ten minutes a day can have positive results. You could also reap additional benefit from incorporating two to three of these ten-minute bursts each day. Try to do one in the morning, one at lunch, and one in the evening.
  7. Do a few sets of simple exercises: No matter where you work or spend your day, you can likely do three sets of exercises that don’t require equipment. Start with ten reps of jumping jacks, squats, lunges, push-ups, and crunches. Do each set two more times. You can add still more from there.
  8. Perform leg lifts: You can do certain small movements while sitting at your desk in order to stretch your muscles and get a small burst of energy. Leg lifts are an excellent example.
  9. Run in place: Even if you spend most of your day in a small space, you can elevate your cardio each day by running in place. If you’re a beginner, start with one-minute intervals, and add further time as you get stronger. You could incorporate interval training methods as well, in which you run in place as fast as you can for a brief stretch of time.
  10. Don’t forget about technology: There are many apps, websites, and blogs, just like this one, that will help you find ways to work out more and reach your goals. It can’t hurt to check out instructional videos or employ apps that assist you in scheduling bouts of physical activity into your day.

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Final Thoughts on Exercising Throughout the Day

Exercise is worthwhile for everyone. If you’re entirely new to working out on a regular basis, now’s a great time to get started. Even if you’re currently in pretty good shape, though, there are ways to feel even better by adding new exercises to your daily routine.

It’s easy to get bored and feel stagnant if you do the same thing over and over, so switching things up with a few daily tips and hacks can reinvigorate your commitment to yourself.

Remember that exercise doesn’t have to focus solely on losing weight. Though it’s a goal for many people, you may seek other benefits and goals to set for yourself, such as building muscle, feeling more energized, and improving your overall health.

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