If you are new to our blog, you have not read our old blogs. This post provides links to 36 of our blogs. Instead of explaining each one, we will leave you to visit the links and read the actual blogs. Each has a purpose and will help someone toward their goals, and that someone may be you. Read on.

5 steps to get your summer body

3 Reasons you do not need that supplement

Our Strength Training Program

How to improve fitness and performance

A plan to improve your 800 meter sprint – training program included

,Women and lifting weights – Facts instead of myths and bias

,Download my workout program for free

The supplements we use

,Battling common health problems – Start living better today

The best and worst CrossFit workouts

,Example 200 meter sprint program

A few considerations for your strength programL

Fitness after a setback

What is fit

,Our fitness journey

How to not fail this year

New Year, new me and other terrible resolutions

The key to weightloss

How to assess progress in your training program

The road to improved fitness and performance

Online Cross-Training Programs Guide

Smart training vs hard training

The Importance of Recovery

Staying fit with kids in tow

The path to reaching your goals

,Our nutrition strategy

Think you’re good with nutrition—think again

,Accountability Part 2—the role your immediate family plays

Nutrition: meal timing

What are macronutrients and micronutrients?

Understanding the role of calories

Workout frequency: How often should you workout

What is the best length for a training cycle

The best diet for you is the one that works

,These are the foundational strength movements everyone should know

Should You Periodize for Your Clients?

Nathan DeMetz holds degrees in Exercise Science, Business Administration, and Information Technology as well as certifications in strength and conditioning, sports nutrition, run coaching, and other areas. His credentials come from organizations such as Indiana Wesleyan University, Ivy Tech College, and the International Sports Sciences Association. Nathan has 17 years of personal and professional experience in the health and fitness world. He works with people from across the globe, including locations such as Kuwait, Australia, and the USA.