Progressive overload for powerlifting


Tis the season for New Year goals. Are you ready to get strong and massive? Yes! I am not surprised. Many men seek this, as do a number of women. Building muscle and strength are worthwhile goals. The pursuit of both are not pointless, no matter what the weak and small tell you.


The importance of strength


Strength is the basis for all human performance.  If you cannot stand, you cannot squat. If you cannot squat, you cannot jump. If you cannot jump, you can complete a dunk. Loss of strength is the main loss of physical ability as we age. 

What is specificity for powerlifting, athletics, and exercise?

The importance of muscle


Muscle can help develop strength. More muscle provides a basis from which more strength can grow. However, muscle can be developed without significant change in strength and strength can be developed without significant change in muscle. But, overlap is present and selectively maximizing muscle will help build strength.

What is progressive overload

How to build strength and muscle


2023 is the year of opportunity for you to build strength and muscle. I am a trainer well versed in helping men as well as women build strength, muscle, and performance. Hiring me is always a good use of time and money, but that may not be in the cards for everyone. Some people do not have the cash, and some people are hesitant for other reasons, even though they have money


So, with that in mind I have two programs below that can help you do these things on your own.


A program for building strength


This is a blog that includes a program for powerlifting. It uses straightforward approaches for exercises selection, progression, and other aspects of the layout. It has been used by thousands of people online.


Check it out here https://demetzonlinepersonaltraining.com/blog/2021/12/16/a-simple-but-effective-powerlifting-program-for-big-strength-gains/

A simple but effective powerlifting program for big strength gains

A program for building muscle


This bodybuilding program is pretty simple, too simplistic some people may say. But it is effective. If followed correctly over time, this program will help you build muscle. Anyone who cannot use it to build muscle is doing it wrong.


Check it out here



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These programs can be run repeatedly by cycling through each program start to finish, then cycling back around. The programs can be run in alternating cycles, that is, complete one, then the other, the repeat this process. There is also a few different ways to mesh these programs into one cohesive program.


Do what you will with these programs for building strength and muscle, but as long as you put in the work over time, you will see progress. If all you do this year for your strength and muscle goals is follow one or both of these programs repeatedly until December 31, you will be massive and strong going into 2024. 

Put in work. If you have questions, contact me here, or reach out to me on social media here or here.

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