8 Reasons to Work Out at Home Instead of the Gym Working out at the gym is traditional, but is it necessary? Not usually. Sure, there are certain pieces of equipment you can only use at the gym (unless you have a large space in your garage or home), but unless you’re training hardcore for something specific, there are alternatives. Here are 8 reasons it’s more convenient to work out at home than at the gym.

1. You won’t have to wait in line

One of the most frustrating things about working out at the gym is having to wait for certain pieces of equipment, like attachments and machines, to become available. You could end up waiting for quite a while if it’s a popular gym and there’s a line. Having to wait to move to your next exercise can really put a damper on your flow. At home, once you get all the equipment you need for your workouts, you’ll never have to wait in line. If you have a workout partner, you can either double up on the equipment or take turns. Either way, sharing equipment with a workout partner in your own home will be much easier than waiting in line for equipment at the gym.

2. You won’t need to wipe down someone else’s sweat

Dealing with someone else’s sweat is gross. Unfortunately, at the gym, you’re going to run into a lot of sweat. Most gyms require patrons to wipe down benches after they’re done, but not everyone follows this rule. If you’re tired of sitting on sweaty benches or having to clean up after multiple people, you’ll enjoy working out from home. In your own home, it won’t matter if you sweat on your own bench. If you choose not to wipe it down right away, it won’t be a big deal. You can go at your own pace, wipe your bench down when needed, and you’ll never have to deal with anyone else’s sweat ever again.

3. You’ll have all the equipment you need available

Despite their size, gyms don’t have everything. In fact, some gyms don’t have smith machines or medicine balls. The equipment you have access to at the gym will determine the quality of your workout. If you don’t live near a gym that offers what you need, try getting your own equipment and working out from home.

4. You can use specialized equipment easily

If you have a piece of equipment that you really like, you can use it at home easily. While some gyms have the space for you to bring in certain types of equipment, sometimes that’s a little awkward. It’s common for people to bring bands and accessories into a gym, but you won’t usually see people bringing in their favorite set of dumbbells or any other type of heavy equipment. If using a particular piece of equipment is important to your workouts, it won’t be the same going to the gym. The good news is you don’t need to sacrifice a full workout just to be at home. You can get a full body workout using minimal equipment completely online.

5. You won’t feel embarrassed

Going to the gym can be intimidating when you aren’t as fit or as experienced as the other patrons. Most of the time, people aren’t paying attention, but it can feel like everyone’s eyes are on you, judging your appearance and abilities. Whether this feeling is real or imagined, working out from home bypasses all of this. When you don’t feel judged, you’ll get a better workout because you won’t be self-conscious and you won’t be trying to prove yourself.

6. You can play your workout playlist loud

Most people prefer listening to music while working out because it’s a great source of motivation. However, when you go to the gym, you have to wear headphones to listen to your music. No matter what kind of headphones you have, whether they’re wired or wireless, they can get in the way when you’re working out. Wireless earbuds can be bumped out of your ears if your arm brushes them, and wires are easily yanked out. When you work out at home, you can blast your workout playlist through your speakers and skip the headphones or earbuds.

7. You don’t need to drive anywhere

If you’re busy like most people, you really don’t have time to drive to the gym on a regular basis. Say it takes you 20 minutes to get to the gym. That’s 40 minutes out of your day just driving. It takes additional time to handle things like gas, cold weather, road delays, signing in at the gym, and taking a shower before you leave. Most people can expect to spend at least an hour each day driving to and from the gym, but some people live even further away. If this commute doesn’t sound fun to you, consider working out from home instead. You’ll save both gas and time.

8. You can work out anytime

With the exception of 24-hour gyms, it can be a struggle to get your workout in during your ideal hours. You’re not only tied to your gym’s hours, but if you go in the evening after work, you’re sure to get stuck waiting in line for basic equipment. Even when you have 24-hour access to your gym, do you really want to wake up at 3am and drive to the gym just to work out? Probably not. However, when you do your workouts at home you can roll out of bed, slip into your workout gear, and get started right away.

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