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Welcome to Demetz Online Personal Training, where we offer cutting-edge online and mobile personal trainer and nutrition programs that allow you to track stats and meal plans anytime, anywhere, making healthy eating simple and convenient. As an experienced and dedicated online trainer, I, Nathan DeMetz, specialize in tailoring personalized fitness and body composition improvement plans through physical training, nutritional changes, and mindset improvements, all geared towards helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

I have a proven track record as an online personal trainer with over 350 clients helped during my 10 years of personal training. These clients included 60+ grandmas and 20-something male athletes. It does not matter your background, gender, age, current physical condition, or anything else specific to your situation: there is a way to reach your goals!


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Strength Coaching

I help busy professionals reach their highest levels of strength for personal and professional performance.
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Fitness Coaching

I use an online fitness coaching program to help both men and women reach their peak fitness levels.
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RUN Coaching

Get an online cardio program to a quicker 5k, faster sprint, or better marathon time. 

Helping meet your
fitness goals

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Nathan has been great. As an online trainer, I think he strikes a great balance of putting the onus of responsibility on you as the client while also individualizing a diet and training that best suits your lifestyle and goals.

He is extremely responsive to questions and with feedback. I started out as a complete beginner to weightlifting and he has made me feel comfortable and safe along the way by providing regular feedback of my form.

I can’t believe how much progress I’ve been able to make in terms of my strength and physique. I wish I had found him and this service years ago!!

Genevieve M

Strength Program

I’ve been working with Nathan for ~7 weeks, and it has been overwhelmingly positive, & one of the best online personal trainers.

Nathan responds to messages within a few hours. I can honestly say that the workouts are the hardest I’ve ever done. I came from doing all 3 P90X programs, and really liked the cardio/plyo exercises. Nathan let me continue to use those, in combination with regular training.

The app is also really easy to use, great for tracking everything. Additionally, the meal plan was constantly varied, so I never got bored with foods. I often had to make adjustments to make the macro’s work with foods I had available, but nothing too bad. Highly recommend Demetz for the whole package – nutrition and training.

Jason L

Strength & Nutrition Programs

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Why Choose Online Personal Training?

With my training programs, you get the advantage of a skilled online personal trainer working around your schedule, providing the utmost convenience. Whether you prefer training in your own home, at the gym, or any personal space of your choice, our online programs are designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Our Comprehensive Online Training Features:

Customized Training & Nutrition Plans: Experience unlimited changes to your training and nutrition plans, precisely tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

Extensive Support: Benefit from unlimited video reviews, messaging, and stat reviews to ensure you receive all the assistance necessary to succeed.

Direct Access to the Owner: Enjoy direct access to me, Nathan DeMetz, the founder of Demetz Online Personal Training, for personalized guidance and support.

Technological support: the app we use is state of the art and travels where you go. It also integrates with the app and hardware that you use most, such as your Apple Watch, Gramin, or Fitbit devices.


Fitness Programs That Deliver Results

I offer three core fitness programs to cater to various needs:

Strength Coaching: Targeted at busy professionals, this program helps you achieve your highest levels of strength for personal and professional performance.

Fitness Coaching: Ideal for both men and women, our online fitness coaching program empowers you to reach your peak fitness levels.

Run Coaching: If you’re looking to improve your cardio and running performance, our specialized run coaching program is tailored to enhance your goals.


Online Personal Training Program

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What Working With a Personal Trainer Is Like

Working with a certified personal trainer is a step in the right direction for better health, a better attitude, and greater overall fitness.

But what does this working relationship look like?

Initial consult

Our journey together commences with a crucial initial consultation, a pivotal moment where we delve into your aspirations, preferences, and aspirations, forging the foundation of our collaborative endeavor. During this meeting, we will discuss your fitness goals, aspirations, and dreams, allowing us to get to know each other on a deeper level.

This is your golden opportunity to familiarize yourself with your personal trainer, assessing if they align with your unique needs and expectations. You can freely inquire about their approach, experience, and training philosophy to ensure it resonates with your vision for this transformative journey.

Simultaneously, this consultation allows me to gain invaluable insights into your persona, your fitness objectives, and the unique perspectives that drive you. By understanding your goals and expectations, I can tailor an approach that caters precisely to your needs and aspirations, ensuring our working relationship is based on mutual understanding and shared purpose.

Open and honest communication during this initial meeting paves the way for an effective and productive partnership, nurturing a space where your fitness dreams can flourish. My mission as a personal trainer is to create an environment where you feel supported, motivated, and empowered to pursue your goals with unwavering determination.

Together, let’s embark on this transformative journey, hand in hand, as we unlock your true potential and achieve remarkable success in your health and fitness pursuits.

What Working With a Personal Trainer Is Like
Goal Setting

Goal setting.

With introductions out of the way, we’ll be ready to start setting more formal goals for your fitness journey.

Are you trying to lose 20 pounds in the next few months? Are you training for a marathon next year?

Are you just trying to eat healthier?

Whatever you’re hoping to achieve, it’s my job as your certified personal trainer and coach to make sure your goals are realistic, achievable, yet challenging enough to motivate you.

Nutritional planning.

The world of nutrition is overwhelming and confusing for most people who aren’t already familiar with it.

Everyone has different nutritional needs & nutritional advice, and it’s important to think about nutrition in many different ways; the calories you eat, the balance of macronutrients that you eat, and the micronutrients you get on a daily basis can all influence your mood, your health, and your athletic performance.

Don’t worry. as your personal trainer I’ll take the guesswork out of this experience so you know exactly what you should be eating at all times (nutrition advice).

Whether you are gluten free, just want to improve healthy habits in eating, or need a simple to follow nutrition plan my nutrition coaching and training plans are right for you.


nutritional advice
Workout Planning

Workout planning.

Any exercise is better than no exercise, but at the same time, some exercises are better than others.

As your personal fitness coach, I’ll work with you directly to design and help you create workouts/execute workouts that are fine-tuned to help you achieve your goals.

Whether you’re trying to become an Olympic record-holding weightlifter or you’re just trying to extend your lifespan with strength training and cardio, I will design the perfect & effective workout schedule for you on your own time.

The workouts I create are appropriate for your fitness level and your situation. Body weight only, resistance bands, full gym access, free weights at home: whatever you have access to is sufficient for the workouts I create.


Coaching and reviews.

I’m here not only to provide coaching and reviews but also to be your dedicated online personal trainer, guiding you through every step of your exercise journey.

Whether it’s strength training, cardiovascular workouts, or flexibility exercises, I’ll be by your side to offer expert guidance and personalized feedback.

With my support, you can rest assured that your form will always be on point, reducing the risk of injuries and maximizing the effectiveness of your workouts. If you ever feel demotivated, I’ll be there to ignite that spark and push you to achieve your fitness goals.

Your satisfaction is my top priority, and I’ll work tirelessly to ensure you see constant improvement in your performance. Through unlimited video reviews and continuous messaging, I’ll be readily available to address your questions, concerns, and progress.

Let’s embark on this fitness journey together, and I promise you’ll experience the joy of progress and the thrill of achieving your dream physique. Together, we’ll turn your fitness aspirations into a reality!

Coaching and reviews
Ongoing messaging

Ongoing messaging.

As your dedicated online personal trainer, I am committed to providing you with continuous support in the health and fitness world, available whenever you need it.

With a friendly and encouraging demeanor, I’ll be that right person and the friendly face to motivate you and keep you accountable for your daily workouts. I firmly believe in your potential, and together, we’ll conquer any obstacles standing in your way.

No question is too small or too complex. I’m here to offer straightforward and comprehensive explanations regarding your nutritional plan, workout regimen, or any aspect of your fitness goals. Understanding the “why” behind our actions is essential for success, and I’ll make sure you are well-informed every step of the way.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime through ongoing messaging. Whether it’s a boost of motivation, a doubt about exercises, or reassurance on your progress, I’m just a message away.

Let’s build a strong and supportive relationship, and together, we’ll achieve remarkable transformations in your health and fitness journey. Your success is my priority, and I’m excited to witness the amazing strides we’ll take together!


Setting health and fitness goals marks the initial step towards your transformation, but it’s equally vital to monitor your progress and ensure you reach those milestones.

In our journey together, we’ll not only set ambitious targets but also diligently track your advancements and evaluate your strength training and overall performance. When you achieve those desired goals, we’ll celebrate your triumphs and revel in your success.

However, if by any chance you miss your targets, there’s no need to fret. Instead, consider it a valuable opportunity to reassess your situation, identify the factors that hindered your progress, and construct a more robust foundation for your fitness journey.

Through this evaluation process, we’ll gain valuable insights into your strengths and areas for improvement, enabling us to fine-tune your approach and tailor a workout plan that perfectly aligns with your capabilities and ambitions.

Remember, progress is not always linear, but with dedication and determination, you’ll continue to move forward and conquer new heights in your health and fitness endeavors. So let’s embrace each evaluation as a chance to learn, grow, and ultimately thrive on the path to a healthier, fitter, and more fulfilled you. Together, there’s no limit to what we can achieve!



Every aspect of your workout training plan and nutritional guidance is meticulously crafted from scratch, tailored exclusively for you as a unique individual.

Templates have no place in our approach because I firmly believe that a truly personalized fitness plan is the key to unlocking long-term success in your health journey.

Embracing this philosophy, we have the flexibility to make unlimited adjustments to your goals, training program, and nutritional plan whenever necessary. Life is dynamic, and so are your needs and aspirations. As we progress together, we’ll adapt and fine-tune your fitness regimen to suit your evolving requirements and preferences.

By keeping your fitness plan custom-tailored, we ensure that every exercise, every meal, and every goal is specifically designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and propel you towards achieving sustainable and fulfilling results.

Whether you’re seeking to enhance your strength, improve your endurance, or work towards a specific fitness milestone, we have the freedom to mold your program accordingly. Moreover, we’ll incorporate nutritional guidance that aligns precisely with your body’s needs and preferences, helping you optimize your performance and overall well-being.

With a commitment to continuous improvement and an unwavering focus on your individuality, together, we’ll create the perfect roadmap to unleash your full potential and unlock a healthier, happier, and more vibrant you!

Setting Your Personal Fitness Goals

What are you hoping to get out of your online personal trainer?
These are some of the most common personal fitness desires I’ve helped people achieve:

Lose weight.

Weight loss goals can stem from various motivations, each holding significant importance to the individual embarking on this transformative journey.

For some, the driving force is to enhance their overall health and reduce vulnerability to certain health complications, ultimately extending their lifespan. Shedding excess weight can lead to improved cardiovascular health, reduced risk of diabetes, and alleviate strain on joints, among many other health benefits.

Others find motivation in the desire to fit back into the clothes they’ve always loved, rekindling confidence and a sense of empowerment as they embrace their desired physique once again.

Moreover, countless individuals simply aspire to look and feel better, seeking the satisfaction of increased self-esteem and a positive body image.

Whatever your case may be, rest assured that I am dedicated to helping you achieve your weight loss goals. Through personalized strategies, tailored workouts, and customized nutritional plans, we’ll work hand in hand to create an effective and sustainable approach.

Your journey is unique, and I recognize the individuality of your aspirations and challenges. Together, we’ll navigate this path, overcome obstacles, and celebrate each milestone reached.

Embark on this transformative voyage, and I’ll be your unwavering supporter, empowering you to reach your full potential and embrace a healthier, happier, and more vibrant life. Let’s make your weight loss aspirations a reality, one step at a time!

Lose weight
Build muscle

Build muscle.

Are you trying to be stronger?


More aesthetically muscular?

Whether you’re training to become a professional bodybuilder, or you just want to carry yourself with more confidence, as your online personal trainer I can help you build more muscle.

Improve athletic performance.

I’m also here to help you improve your athletic performance, if that is your desire.

Running faster, lifting more, and becoming more agile don’t happen naturally; an online personal trainer can make these feats much easier to achieve.

I have clients who are simultaneously able to run a half-marathons at a per-mile pace in the 6s while also have the ability to squat and deadlift 500+ pounds each. Add to this that these clients walk around at lean body fat, and you have an athlete in front of you.


I can do the same for you, and indeed have done the same for many men and women, as well as myself.


Improve athletic performance
Prepare for a marathon event

Prepare for an event.

You may also use an online personal trainer to help prepare for a specific event, like an upcoming half marathon, powerlifting competition, or other event.

I have coached clients to triathlons, run competitions of various lengths, push-pull powerlifting events and more.

My combination of certifications in areas such as running, strength training, fitness nutrition, and others areas, combined with my experience coaching 350+ clients provides with the necessary skills to help you prepare for virtually any event.


Feel better.

And of course, some people pursue personal fitness just because they want to feel better, inside and out.

Feeling better is a multifaceted concept that extends beyond just physical well-being. It encompasses various aspects of one’s life and overall health. Let’s delve deeper into the different dimensions of feeling better and how personal fitness plays a crucial role in achieving this goal.

Personal fitness serves as a powerful tool in achieving this objective, promoting overall health, self-confidence, emotional balance, social connections, and a positive outlook on life. Incorporating regular physical activity and a balanced diet into one’s lifestyle can lead to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life journey.

Simply put, improve physical fitness can help improve your overall life mentally and physically, enabling to better enjoy for yourself and with family and friends.


Feel Better
The Fitness Coach You Need: Your New Workout Plan

The Online Personal Trainer You Need: Your New Workout Plan

There are many dimensions of fitness worth considering, and as your fitness coach, I’ll work with you to help you determine which aspects are most important for your goals.

Should you be lifting weight five times a week?

Should you try to run every day?

How often should you be stretching and improving your flexibility?

The answers to these questions are different for everyone, so I’ll help you sort out exactly what you need.