Understanding of the Process

To help further your understanding of the process of working with me, I included PDF copies of the forms, screenshots of the app, and short video clips of the app in action. 

The images and videos are just examples and may not reflect exactly what you will see. However, they are very similar to what you will see.

The PDFs are the most current forms I use as of this page creation but may change over time. I do our best to keep things updated, but there may be some differences from what you see here and the actual forms I send. 

Review to gain further insight into the process and the tools I use. Remember, each service page also provides a description of the process for that service. Review those pages as well before contacting me with questions.​


To better understand what forms you will receive upon signing up with my programs, you can click above icon to download a preview.

Note: Do not attempt to download these forms and send them to me; I use a service to deliver documents. Documents received in any other way will not be accepted.



What our clients are saying:

“Nathan & Grace both have helped me in my struggle to lose weight. It is a struggle for me because I am not as motivated as I should be. Nathan has helped with keeping me motivated and providing me a training program & nutrition program that will help me to meet my desired goal. Grace has also helped me with training, at times, and with nutrition. I really like training with Nathan. He is a very positive person, and really is concerned about helping me (& others) with weight loss, nutrition, and keeping a overall positive attitude. I enjoy talking with Grace and her help with my training & nutrition also.”
– Della D

What our clients are saying:

“I love the personal training experience you get. I live in Pennsylvania and do not belong to a gym but have workout equipment at home. Grace has created a personal workout routine for me and I am seeing good results! I am so glad I was recommended their program!!!”
– Sarah B

What our clients are saying:

I’ve been training with Grace for almost two months now, and I can say that it’s the most effective two months of my athletic life, ever. I grew up playing competitive sports and once they ended, I didn’t know how to consistently train in ways that weren’t tearing down my body. Since starting with Grace, I’ve learned how to develop a healthy, balanced routine. I’m much, much leaner than I was six weeks ago, and have developed an overall healthier lifestyle. Grace is always quick to respond to any questions and is willing to help with modifications of workouts when needed. I enjoy her direct candor and motivational messages. Overall, I definitely recommend DeMetz personal training! Worth every penny.
– Kelly S